Facial Changes

Facial changes occur naturally as we age and lose tonicity in our facial muscles. When the teeth are lost or worn out, facial aging accelerates. The loss of teeth or tooth structure can add 10 or more years to a person’s face. This change is a result of a decrease in face height or vertical dimension. This results in several facial changes. The decrease in the angle next to the lips and deepening of vertical lines on the lips create a harsher appearance. As the vertical bone loss progressively and rapidly increases, the bite relationship deteriorates.

As a result, the chin rotates forward and gives a poorer facial appearance, these conditions result in a decrease in the angle at the corner of the lips, and the patient appears unhappy when the mouth is at rest.

These esthetic changes can be minimized through advanced dental procedures. Call our office today for an evaluation of your individual needs.

View a video on the oral health effects of aging.